CoPhilly Accelerator Program Spring 2018 Application.
Preparing for Title II and III Crowdfunding Offerings
Spring Semester 2018: February 20 – April 27, 2018
This is a 22 question application which is meant to be completed in a single 30-60 minute session, depending on your level of preparedness.

You will be asked to submit - personal and corporate contact information - company bio, stage of company, priamary industry, size of company, linkedin profiles of team members - 12-slide company pitch deck OR 5-minute video pitch (must follow suggested provided formats).

The Application period for the Spring 2018 accelerator program ends 12:00 AM (midnight) of January 30th 2018, after which, applications will not be accepted.

CoPhilly will accept up to 20 ventures into the Spring 2018 accelerator program and accepted ventures will be announced January 31st 2018.

Applications are evaluated by a Vetting Committee comprised of seasoned investors, serial entrepreneurs and business sector industry experts. Accepted Ventures will be notified via email and phone call upon of their acceptance by midnight of January 31st 2018.
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